Use a Level of Detail Calculation to Move Your Row Totals Wherever You Want

When creating crosstab-like views in Tableau, it’s a common practice to add the row totals to your view. This allows users to understand the parts:whole relationship between data points and their categorical total. Here’s a simple example:


This view is easily accomplished by going to the Analysis menu, and Totals > Show Row Grand Totals.

However, sometimes a user may request the ability to see their row totals closer to the left side of the view, and save themselves the effort of scanning and/or scrolling to the right of their screen.

If you use the ‘Show Row Grand Totals’ option, here’s where you run into trouble. When you attempt to move the Grand Totals column to anywhere but the far right side of the view, you quickly realize that it’s not really possible to do so. This calls for a little ingenuity. In this case, we’re going to use a level of detail calculation.

Here’s the formula: { FIXED [Dimension] : SUM (Measure) }

Pretty straight-forward, but this level of detail calculation will allow us to create a movable Row Grand Totals column. You can position the newly-created column anywhere in the view. Here’s a how-to video, using Desktop 9.0, and Sample-Coffee Chain dataset.





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