Small Change, Big Impact – Highlighting Values in a View

Have you ever created chart and thought to yourself, “Man, I’d really like to have {insert dimension} stand out so it was immediately noticeable”? In my case, I was comparing companies based on dates and a select measure. While dragging and dropping all the necessary fields, I starting thinking about how the customer could easily identify which line was their data vs their competitor’s. Sure, making their data a brighter color could work, but is it the best/only option? After playing around with different ideas, I decided that I wanted to make the client’s data line thicker than the others. But how could I make it a reality? Often times, the simplest solution is overlooked. Below is how I decided to present the data.

*data presented is not real


The Data Format:


The Chart:


The Question: How can I make Mountain Dew stand out (other than just color)?

The Solution: I created a Calculated Field (let’s call it “IsCompany”). In the Calculated Field, using a CASE statement, Identify which company is the one you want to identify, all others fall under the “ELSE”:


I then drag the IsCompany field into Size and adjust the ‘N’ & ‘Y’ size so that Y is larger (it should default to alphabetical, I still adjust it to meet the desired sizing.


I also adjusted the coloring to make it stand out even more:


As you can see, the Client’s data is now the focus immediately. Finally, when placing the sheet into a Dashboard, leave out the IsCompany Size Legend:


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